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Engine Related

DLE-20 Parts Diagram (PDF) dle-20-parts.pdf

DLE30 Firewall Drilling Template - dl30firewalltemplate.pdf

DLE30 Parts Diagram Rear Carb Version (PDF)  dle-30R-parts.pdf

DLE30 Parts Diagram Side Carb Version (PDF)  dle30-parts-diag.pdf

DL50/DLE55 Firewall Drilling Template -dl50firewalltemplate.pdf

DL50/DLE-55 Parts Diagram (PDF) dle5055partsdiag.pdf

DL100/DL111 Firewall Drilling Template -dl-da100-template.pdf

DL100/DLE-111 Parts Diagram (PDF) dl100111partsdiag.pdf

DLE-170 Parts Diagram (PDF) dle-170-explodeview.pdf

CAUTION: Turn off Page Scaling when printing the firewall templates. Failure to do so will result in incorrect measurements.
You can do this in Adobe Acrobat by going to File/Print, then in the Page Handling section of the Page dialog box, set the Page Scaling drop-down to NONE. Double-check with ruler after printing for accuracy.

Engine Manuals

Our own DL Engines manual is not available for download because of constant un-authorised distribution of our manual. This has caused confusion for some customers who have purchased engines through other channels and where supplied a copy of our manual with the engine. Then believing they where distributed by DL Engines Australia contact us for warranty/support.

A hard copy is only supplied with engines we distribute and we will no longer provide electronic copies of the engine manuals we produce.

If you are a DL Engines Australia customer or have bought your engine from one of our re-sellers and require a new manual, please contact us and we will post one out to you free of charge.

We do provide copies of the factory provided Chinese/English manual for download.

DLE-20 Factory Supplied Instructions - Click HERE
DLE-30 Factory Supplied Instructions - Click HERE
DLE-55 Factory  Supplied Instructions - Click HERE
DLE-111 Factory Supplied Instructions - Click HERE
DLE-170 Factory Supplied Instructions - Click HERE
DLE-222 Factory Supplied Instructions - Click HERE


RCEXL Version 2.0 Ignition Module Factory Manual -rcexlignitionv2.pdf

RCEXL Version 2.0 Ignition Module DL Australia Manual -Ignition Installation

RCEXL Ignition tester  -  rcexlignitiontest.pdf

RCEXL 1/4" Spark Plug Cap Kit  Assembly instructions available HERE

RCEXL CM6 10mm Spark Plug Cap Kit Assembly Instructions available CM6-CapAssembly.pdf

Ultra IBEC - Ignition Battery Eliminator UltraIBECManual-dlea.pdf

Ultra IBEC HV - Ignition Battery Eliminator High Voltage 

42 Percent Products - Electronics (DISCONTINUED)

Opto-Remote Gas Engine kill switch (Electronic Ignition) optogaskill.pdf

Z-Kill - Magneto Ignition Kill Switch - z-kill.pdf

Micro Glow V6 on board glow system -   microglow-v6-r2.pdf

Nano Cube - Amp/Voltage counter - nano-cube.pdf

Power Plus Voltage regulator - 42percentpowerplus.pdf

Power Plus V2 voltage regulator powerplusv2.pdf

Digi-Servo - Servo Tester/Cycle - digiservo.pdf

Digi-Switch - Remote Switch - digiswitch-08.pdf

2-PAC Battery Share STD -  2-pac-20amps.pdf

2-Pac Battery Share HD/DEANS - 2-pac-50amps.pdf

10 Amp Regulator - 10ampreglator.pdf

Blue Box Power Boards - bluebox8-16-r1.pdf


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