RCEXL Mini Ignition Tachometer

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RCEXL Mini Ignition Tachometer

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Product Information
Rcexl Mini Ignition Tachometer
  • PIC16f628a microcontrollers
  • Does not require batteries, Powered from the  ignition
  • Standard FUTABA plug(Black-Negative Red-Positive and White-Signal)
  • Using high-brightness LED digital display.
  • Input voltage range:3.5V-8.4V
  • Current consumption 25mA-60mA
  • Mini tachometer indicates up to 30,000 rpm
  • Actual RPM= Display Digital *10
  • Body Size: 41mm L x 17mm W x 12mm H
  • Display Size: 30mm L x 15mm H
  • Weight:8.5g   (0.3OZ)

Works with all RCEXL ignitions, New saito RCEXl ignition and OS30GT ignition

1.Connect via Y lead (supplied) between the HALL sensor and the ignition.
2.Connect Tachometer plug into other end of Y lead (supplied)
3.Once ignition power is turned on, RPM will be displayed.
That connecting plugs should be secured with clips/heat shrink/tape to prevent them coming apart due to engine vibration

The hall sensor & tachometer wires need to be seperated from the Ignition high-voltage wire and receiver wires as much as practical
The tachometer is not recommended for use in flight, it is best to remove the Y wire to restore the original sensor connection before flying.
If your ignition has an additional tachometer output, you should connect to the dedicated tachometer signal wire.

We can not guarantee the accuracy of this tachometer when used with other types of ignition.


Manufactured by Rcexl China.

ManufacturerRCEXL Ignition Systems

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